A Summer in Cuenca (ES) with a Toddler


Cuenca is a historical Spanish town, full of pleasant surprises jumping out at you when you least expect it. Old people come here to die, punk/art students come here to create and there must’ve been a baby boom because it seems like every other person is an infant in a bugaboo pushchair. Cuenca is also a swear word in Spanish like the equivalent of ‘go to hell’ but for a non Spanish mother like myself, this place totally enriched my senses for art, community & nature

Age: toddler age | Date: Autumn  2017 | Means of transport: Car, Joolz Pushchair, Ergo Baby 360 Sling | How I got here: Drove 90min from Madrid | How you can get there: 55min train from Atocha Madrid or fly directly to Madrid or Valencia Airport and take the fast 55min train to Cuenca


Antonio Pérez Foundation Museum

Calle de Julián Romero, 20, 16001 Cuenca

Contemporary art collection in a 16th-century town hall, curated by poet & artist Antonio Pérez. There’s plenty of magnificent art to see here and it’s never really busy during the day so you won’t have to worry about your toddler screaming with excitement and disturbing people. There are many steps for toddlers who enjoy a good climb and plenty for your infant to explore.

There’s a breathtaking view overlooking Cuenca from the  courtyard. The outside area is a lovely quiet spot for breastfeeding too, with a giant yellow teddy bear to distract any child. No step free access for pushchairs so it’s best to have help or use a sling


San Julian


catherdral & restaurant



science musueum


walk the OLD TOWN


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