Traveling to Lagos (NG) Pregnant

The population of Lagos is 21 million and vibrant for it. People are hustling on every street corner making a Naira. Get into the vibe.

This city has some of the biggest champagne drinkers, as well as a growing creative hub. Here are several hip tips on how to do Lagos in style….and pregnant


I’m guessing your biggest fear of traveling to Lagos pregnant is safety & catching malaria right? I was also terrified and almost didn’t go. I was 3 months pregnant at the time and wasn’t allowed to have any vaccinations or take anti malaria tablets at all so it was a high risk trip.

Some people say that it’s compulsory to have a yellow fever vaccination when traveling to Nigeria but this wasn’t the case for me. Luckily I left Lagos without a single insect bite.

My baby Girl is currently 14 months and alive and kicking but please consult your Dr or travel vaccination clinic before you travel.

Here are some simple tips on –

How to do Lagos without vaccinations or malaria tablets

– Mosquitos hate air conditioning so stay in a modern air conditioned hotel/accommodation preferably on Victoria Island or Ikoyi
– Try to avoid being outdoors at night and if you are, keep moving. Dance and shake your ass if you have to. The Mosquitos come out at night and bite when you’re sat or stood still.
– Use mosquito repellent recommended by your Dr or from a travel clinic
– Wear long sleeve clothes when the sun goes down
– Don’t drink the tap water. Drink bottled water
– Eat piping hot food
– Enjoy the fresh tropical fruit but opt for fruit you can peel or wash in clean water
– I indulged in street food; Sugar cain, roasted peanuts, grilled sweetcorn & grilled suya
– Do not drink anything with ice in it—ice might’ve been made with contaminated water
– Enjoy!



9, 7 Maitama Sule St, Lagos, Nigeria

An authentic Nigerian boutique hotel in the heart of Lagos.

This is THE hotspot for stylish accommodation, art, music, shopping and food all under one roof. You almost don’t need to leave the building and if you do there’s plenty to do in the Ikoyi area.

Rooms go for about 70-100EUR per night and it’s worth it for an air conditioned, afro bohemian experience. Rooms get booked up quick so make a reservation well in advance.

They have excellent live entertainment every Thursday so try your best to get into the spirit of this special place


Lekki Market

Elegushi Modern Plaza, Nigeria

This is an authentic Nigerian market selling anything from yams to antiques and west African artefacts. Get ready to haggle hard and bag yourself a bargain.



12a Akin Olugbade St, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

This luxury boutique is utterly immaculate. It would honestly make vogue readers blush. I couldn’t afford anything in here but it’s a must see store


The best way to get around locally is to just grab a Keke Marwa (or what the Asians call “Tuk Tuk”) from the street or simply order an Uber.

Uber taxi is super cheap, air conditioned with excellent friendly service. They always open the door for you and give you a warm welcome. Unlike uber in London where the drivers secretly break wind in the car whilst you’re stuck in traffic .

I tried most means of transport in Lagos, including grabbing an unlicensed cab at the airport and on Awolowo Road for super cheap. Like so cheap It wasn’t worth remembering. The car was on the verge of breaking down or falling apart. I recall having to hold the door in place so it didn’t collapse. I’m still alive but it’s definitely best you stick to using uber.


I also hopped on a yellow ‘danfo’ mini bus to experience the hustle and bustle of public transport in Lagos. It was a tight squeeze. I was almost sat on someone’s lap. Nobody battered an eyelid. Everyone was literally trying to get from A to B. Loved it

People ride on a motorcycle taxi in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos
I dangerously took a motorbike taxi through Victoria island for about £1. I didn’t wear a helmet and it was quite a bumpy ride for a pregnant woman but it was worth it for the thrill of it. Like I said my baby is alive to babble the tale.


Radisson Blu

1a Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue Victoria Island 71639 Lagos Nigeria 

This place ain’t cheap but if you want peace of mind regarding safety, and customer service then this is probably one of the best hotels in Lagos


The Jazzhole

168 Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

This is a record shop, book shop, art gallery, cafe (serving over 40 different teas), all rolled into one.

It probably stocks the best African artefacts, records and literature in Africa. It’s that amazing! Topped with exhibitions and regular live jazz evenings on site. It’s an institution. Get into it

Watch Efya Live at the Jazzhole here


Stranger Lagos 

Lekki Phase I, Lekki, Nigeria

Stranger Lagos is a cultural hub for the young & cutting edge of Lagos. It’s not only a clothing boutique stocking alternative international and local fashion brands but a book store, mini cafe, bar & co-working space too.

Just when you think they couldn’t spoil us any further, they also exhibit art and have regular film screenings too.

They offered me a red velvet cake and a coffee on arrival. If i wasn’t pregnant I would’ve necked a few of their whiskey cocktails too but I’ll be back to make up for lost time.


Glover Court Suya

Glover Court, off Glover Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

As a meat eater you can’t visit Nigeria without tasting suya. Grilled seasoned succulent meat served with tomato and onion salad.

Your mouth will explode with happiness. You really have to taste it to believe it. I queued at this smokey street vendor for 30min but It was worth the wait

9, Eletu Ogabi, off Adeola Odeku
Lagos, Nigeria

If you’re wanting a break from jolloff rice, this is the trendiest restaurant to dine in Lagos. Serving Manhattan-style contemporary cuisine in a modern minimalist setting.

You can continue your evening by the pool with a top notch cocktail. DJ’s pump out tunes by the lounge at the weekends too.


Yellow Chilli

27 Oju Olobun Cl, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Slow service is typical in Nigeria so don’t bother going to a restaurant in a rush because it will ruin your evening.

They cook the Nigerian food fresh here and from scratch so it might take a while. Order some starters, a cold glass of supermalt and enjoy the ambience. We had a fab time and of course the food was authentic and tasty


Angelica Hotel

2/7 Okunola Martins Cl, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

If the hotels listed above are booked up then perhaps try this villa. The service is painfully slow and the furniture is tacky but they tried their best to accommodate me and it worked out fine.

The food is good enough, it’s a great location, with free parking and air conditioned rooms. They have a lovely little swimming pool and comfortable seating areas inside and outside to chill out.


If I had more time, or realistically if I wasn’t pregnant I would’ve hit the clubs and explored the infamous night life of Lagos. Be prepared to be soaked in champagne or do the late night/early morning Lasgidi experience.

The hotspots for clubbing are:

The New Afrika Shrine

Nerdc Rd, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Nigeria


Open daily with spiritual live performances from Femi Kuti every Thursday or Sunday


873, Ozumba Mbadiwe Ave, Lagos, Nigeria

The Place (Lekki) – 

Plot 3b Block A10 Admiralty Way Lekki Phase 1 Lagos


NOBODY hassled me. I didn’t even come across a beggar. Ok maybe one but she was so out of her mind i don’t even think she really wanted my money, she just gave me the biggest dirty look, kissed her teeth and laughed at my shoes. It was hilarious how she found the energy to snob me while she was in la la land.

I didn’t experience any trouble really and i walked the streets at night. Don’t believe the horror stories you read about Lagos otherwise it will ruin your experience. Go with an open mind but of course be as cautious as you would be walking down the streets of London or New York


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